Doddel Free Websites

What do we need?

We give you a brief idea of what you need to prepare and upload for us to complete your Doddel Free Website. Most of the content we require, you probably already have, but just to make your life a bit easier, we have compiled a list below for you to refer to.

What Info do you need to give us?

If you meet our Criteria and are approved for a Doddel Free Website, you will be asked to submit information you probably already have such as your business or brand’s name, identity, description, design and look & feel. If you don’t already have this, this is a great exercise for you to do as it begins your process of creating & developing your business or brand.

Your Website Name

This is the name of your Website which is usually linked to your business or brand. If you don’t have one already, we recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Make sure your name is easily identifiable and relates to your brand or business.
  2. Keep it unique to your brand or business & easy for your customers / clients to remember.
  3. Keep it as short as possible. No one enjoys typing essays.

Your Identity

We put a big emphasis on the visual component of your brand or business. We believe that your Logo makes a huge visual impact on potential customers which could lead to a greater pull towards your brand or business.

We will incorporate your Logo Design in your Website by adding it to the Favicon and to various aspects of your Website. We would need the following from you when you complete the Doddel Free Information Form:

  1. Your Logo in High Resolution (better quality) in the following formats: PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF.
  2. Include as many versions as you would like. The more the merrier.

If you don’t already have a Logo, we have drastically reduced our Logo Design fee exclusively for our Doddel Free Website clients.

Who are you?

Possibly, the most important statement of any brand, business and even ourselves, is what is your Vision? In simple terms, this just means, “who are you?” and “what do you want to achieve?“. Most importantly, this helps you define what you, your brand or your business is all about and it helps you to align your mission and goals to achieve this.

So what do we need from you:

  1. A description of you, your brand or your business.
  2. A copy of your Vision Statement.
  3. As much information that you have which best describes your brand or business.

Website Content

This is the content or wording of what you want your customers / clients to know about your business or brand. When communicating your message to your target audience, make sure it is clear, concise and that you get your message across to the right audience.

We need the following content from you in Word or PDF format:

  1. About Us.
  2. Product Descriptions.
  3. Service Descriptions.
  4. Contact Us.
  5. Any other information you would like to include.

Look & Feel

This is where we dress your Website up to look its very best! We also welcome inspiration from other websites. We have access to millions of stock pics in different sizes, shapes and colours, but if you prefer providing your own or want us to combine your images with ours, then simply upload your own content.

Please include the following images:

  1. Any images that you would like us to include in your Website.
  2. Please make sure you own these images and have the right to use them on your Website.
  3. Include any other Websites out there that inspire you.

Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of Social Media and the impact it can have on your brand, business and you. Setup your Social Media platforms so you talk to the right people in the right way at the right time.

We would need the following from you:

  1. Your Social Media profile addresses. Don’t worry, we have made it easy for you to add this in our Doddel Free Info Form.

If you don’t already have Social Media setup, we can assist you through our Social Media offering exclusive to our Doddel Free clients.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is what brings your target audience to your Website and vice versa. We would need the the most important words or phrases that best describe your business or brand.


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