Doddel Media Content

A collection of original Content, Interviews, Live Streams and Videos on a variety of Channels. As time goes by, we will be adding more channels and acquiring more content through exclusive collaborations and partnerships within our Media Stable. Enjoy our Channels and as they say in the YouTube world, “don’t forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe

DaddyO Channel

A Podcast about being a DAD, my greatest gift and privilege. I share my experiences, views, challenges and awesomeness of being a Single DAD to a teenage girl and look forward to chatting with my special guests who share their own experiences, expertise, challenges and awesomeness!

DaddyO Podcast
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The Entrepreneur Channel

I share my experiences, expertise and lessons learned over the last 25 years in the Entrepreneurial and Start-Up spaces. I also chat to some amazing Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs in their specialised fields, learning new Strategies and Ideas as we go along.

The Entrepreneur Podcast
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Just Hukking Channel

To Huk is a Yiddish word meaning to speak, shout or just plain talk a lot. My Podcast is exactly that. A collection of chats with friends, acquaintances, celebrities, community leaders and all those in-between. No one seems to just Huk anymore. Well, I’m about to change that!

Just Hukking Podcast
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The Darryn Brick Channel

I love to talk!!! In fact, most people would say, “way too much!” So, this Podcast is exactly that, me talking way too much about anything and everything. I suppose you could call it my very own Podcast therapy session.

The Darryn Brick Podcast
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