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How it Works

Our Vision and Passion is to empower other African Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals by helping them become Visible to the world. We do this by building beautiful WordPress Websites…for free!

Free? Yes, free! Your Website design, development, SEO setup and a whole lot more, on us! The only thing we ask in exchange, is that you sign up to our affordable WordPress configured hosting package so we can pay our bills.

We don’t build complicated Websites as part of our Doddel Free offering. But what we do build are elegant, professional, fast & SEO-ready sites that will get your brand, business and personal messages across to your target audience.

We will get your Website online, set everything up on the back-end, create an awesome looking website on the front-end and provide you with all the necessary tools such as our step-by-step tutorial videos for you to be able to add, edit and manage your Website yourself.

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Doddel Free Websites

1. Apply

Fill out our 1–2-minute application. Our goal is to approve as many applications as possible, so if you meet our criteria, you should have a “yes” within 24-48 hours.

2. Provide Your Website Info

If your application is accepted, we’ll sign you up to our exclusive web hosting and once your site is on our server (usually takes up to 24 hours), we send you a link to our “Info Page” where you provide us with all the necessary info that you want us to include in your Website.

3. We Build Your Website

We get straight to work on designing & developing your website, making sure your brand, business and personal message gets out to the world. We ensure that every Doddel Free Website is SEO & mobile device-ready and even includes an Analytics dashboard so you can track your visitors and traffic to your site.

4. We Give You The Keys

Once your Website has been completed, we send you an email confirmation which includes your login details to your Website as well as detailed step-by-step tutorial videos built in to the back-end on how to manage, edit and add content to your Website. We keep our user details on your site for 24 hours after completion so you can ask us anything support related and after that we delete ourselves from your site and you’re good to go.

What You’ll Get


Our Offer

Do I need to have my own domain name already?2021-03-25T16:38:50+02:00

Nope, you definitely don’t. We will help you register your domain name based on whatever is available. There is a small fee to register your domain name. We work directly with the various registrars and don’t make any profit from your registration. In fact, our domain prices are the cheapest, as far as we know.

If you already own a domain name, that’s perfect. We’ll show you how to transfer it to our servers.

Are there any hidden costs or subscription fees?2021-03-26T14:15:20+02:00

Nope! Never! Don’t Be Ridiculous!

Doddel Free was born out of our desire & passion to empower & help other African Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Individuals become Visible through a beautiful, elegant and feature-packed Website without costing a cent.

When it comes to Doddel Free, we will never ask you for your credit card details. And we won’t have you sign any kind of payment contracts with us.

“How do we make our money?” we hear you ask? You would need to sign-up to our Doddel Free Hosting service (exclusive to Doddel Free clients) on our 1-year plan for R1 068.00 (works out to R89.00 a month). “But, we can get hosting for R59.00 a month and we don’t have to pay for the year in advance?”. You most definitely can, perhaps even cheaper than that?

But, you won’t get a super-charged cache enabled SSL-secured Website with daily backups. We also keep a constant eye on your Website for you and make sure its always up to date. And you definitely won’t get the service levels we provide.

We also make money off additional services our clients’ sign up for as well as from affiliate commission coming from purchases our clients make by buying premium plugins and or themes from the links on our site.

Why do we build free Websites?2021-03-26T14:57:03+02:00

Doddel Free was born out of our desire & passion to empower & help other African Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Individuals become Visible through a beautiful, elegant and feature-packed Website without costing a cent.

How can we afford this?2021-03-10T15:18:08+02:00

To put a Website online and to keep it online, one needs Hosting and for those non-techies out there, this simply means a home or an  address where the Website lives. Our development costs far outweigh our Hosting costs at the moment, but over time we should be able to be profitable and sustain ourselves from the income generated from Hosting our clients’ Websites on our servers.

We also generate an affiliate commission from leading partners who sell the themes and plugins which help to run many Websites. When you click on our link and this leads to a purchase, we then get paid a small commission. You pay nothing extra as there are no added mark-ups to the products / services being bought.

How do I know this is legitimate?2021-03-26T14:12:33+02:00

We don’t ask you for your credit card and quite frankly, we don’t ask you for anything else for that matter. As we establish ourselves, we hope to build up a reputation of being a truly world-class African service-oriented Online Media company where reputation becomes the driving force behind our growth.

I already have web hosting. Am I still eligible?2021-03-26T14:19:53+02:00

As we are reliant on your hosting fee to cover the running costs of our servers, you unfortunately won’t be eligible for our Doddel Free service, but you can definitely sign up for any of our paid Online Media services.

What if I want to cancel?2021-03-10T15:50:40+02:00

Due to our large waiting list and based on the fact that you pay your hosting fee 1-year in advance, we can only grant you a 24 hour cancellation period from time your payments has reflected in our bank account to the following 24 hours.

I want a Website, but I don’t want Website hosting.2021-03-26T14:57:15+02:00

That’s like saying I want a house, but I don’t want it to have an address or I want a cell phone, but don’t need a number. Unfortunately, a Website is exactly the same. Your Website needs to have an address for people to come and visit and see what you’re all about. This is what web hosting does. For more information, please click on this link.


How long does it take to review my application?2021-03-26T14:43:50+02:00

We review most applications within 2448 hours depending on our workload. We typically publish current times on our Website.

What do you look for in an application?2021-03-26T14:50:21+02:00

Our goal is to build and design as many Websites for African Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Individuals as possible so we have made our selection process fairly streamlined and base it on the following main criteria.

  • Is the concept ethical and does it contravene any local and or international laws?
  • Does the Website fall within the development & design specs of a Doddel Free Website?
  • The Website should be simple enough to design and develop, but yet still look like a beautiful and professional Website.
  • Due to high demand, you would need to sign up to our hosting environment & provide all relevant information within 24 hours.
How do I apply?2021-03-10T16:22:37+02:00

You can apply here.

Our Process

Do you provide support for my Website?2021-03-26T14:52:43+02:00

We provide an invisible back-end server support for your Website. We ensure that your plugins and theme are always updated, your Website is running optimally and that your security is always up to date. We also ensure that your site is backed-up daily. We do this without infringing on your privacy and without interfering in the content on your Website.

What content do I need to provide you for my Website?2021-03-26T14:53:43+02:00

Once your Doddel Free application has been approved, you will receive an email with a link to our Doddel Free Information form where you will be asked to fill in and upload the necessary information for your Website.

How will the Website be turned over to me?2021-03-26T14:59:20+02:00

Once we have completed your Doddel Free Website, we will hand over your Website keys to you. You will receive detailed WordPress tutorial videos that will be loaded in the back-end of your Website, showing you how to manage, edit and add all the necessary content to your Website. We will also include some great free resources for your images and design work.

Will I be able to make edits to my Website?2021-03-26T15:02:02+02:00

Most definitely! When we finish your Website, we will load over 200+ WordPress Tutorial Videos in the back-end of your Website explaining how to manage, edit and add to your Website at your own pace. You’ll be in full control of your Website at all times.

Will I have full control over my Website?2021-03-26T14:55:46+02:00

Yes, of course! Once we’re done working on your website, we provide you with a 24 hour window of support to ask us anything you are unsure of. After that, we delete our admin user account, which is what gives us access to the back-end of your website, from your website and thereafter we’ll have no access to make any further edits or changes to your website.

How long will it take to build my Website?2021-03-26T15:06:10+02:00

We aim for a completion time of no more than 21 business days, however this may change depending on our workload and availability of our designers. We will, at all times publish updated time-frames and deadlines on our Website.

Do I need to be a tech guru to run my Website?2021-03-26T15:07:51+02:00

No, not at all! We guide you every step of the way with our detailed and easy-to-follow WordPress Tutorial videos on how to navigate through your Website without having any tech experience.

What kinds of Websites do you build?2021-03-26T15:09:45+02:00

We build a variety of different types of 5-7 page WordPress Websites with pages such as About Us, Services, Products, Contact, Home, Shop, etc. All of which, you can add, edit and manage with the help of our WordPress Tutorial step-by-step videos.

What Website platform do you use to build Websites?2021-03-26T15:12:22+02:00

We use WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for our websites. In fact, about 1 in every 3 Website users has a Website run on the WordPress platform! We find it the most user-friendly and the most customisable Website builder on the planet (and we do not get paid to say that).

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