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Doddel Free T’s & C’s Explained…

Most Terms and Conditions are made up of a lot of legal jargon and many are quite long and boring. We have tried to make ours as uncomplicated and as easy to read and understand as possible. However, it is still quite a bit to read and we’re sure you have much better things to do with your time than study our T’s & C’s, although we still recommend you do. We have therefore summarised the most important T’s & C’s which highlight what we do and don’t, when it comes to designing and developing your Doddel Free Website.

Doddel Free T’s & C’s Explained

  1. You need to have your Website hosted on a Doddel Hosting Server to qualify for a Doddel Free Website.
  2. Only individuals, brands and or companies living on the African Continent can apply for a Doddel Free Website.
  3. Only 1 person can apply for a Doddel Free Website at a time.
  4. A Doddel Free Website is built exclusively on the CMS platform.
  5. All Doddel Free Websites are designed and developed to look elegant, beautiful and professional, but simple in nature. We do not customise or use any forms of customisation when we design a Doddel Free Website.
  6. We do not create your copy (wording), logos, social media or any other thing that contributes to the content of your intellectual property, business or brand. We do, however offer additional services such as Logo Design and Social Media at a nominal fee for your convenience.

We do still suggest you read through our Doddel Free Terms & Conditions to familiarise yourself with what we do and don’t offer as we do not want any of our valued Clients to have unrealistic expectations about our offering. Please feel free to contact us as well, should you need to ask us anything or have any further questions.

You can WhatsApp us on +27 (0)61 071 2488, email us at or click on our Customer Chat buttons on our Website.

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