Doddel Free Websites
Doddel Free Websites

About Us

“As the founder of Doddel Media, it’s taken me my entire life to realise that my Purpose, or some would say, Vision is to help others. My passion for Online Media, specifically Website Design & Development and Social Media have led me to help others to shine their light on their own brands, businesses and themselves.” – Darryn Brick.

How did we start?

In mid-2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic picked up steam, many friends, acquaintances, and family members were forced to re-evaluate their lives and career paths, including me. As many doors began to shut, I took a long, introspective look at my own life and that of those close to me, and realised that the outpouring of help, love and support amongst so many who were more fortunate than those who were struggling, epitomised the true African spirit of UBUNTU.

Doddel Free Websites

Our Motivation!

As many of my friends, acquaintances and family members started reinventing themselves in the Online and Digital spaces, I began to help those to develop, design and create their Online Media strategies by building their Websites and Social Media presence. With this becoming more of a full-time labour of love, I decided to give it a full go and hence, was born.

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Doddel Free Websites

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