Doddel Free Websites

Building free*! Websites for Africa

(You only pay for your Hosting fees.)

How It Works
Doddel Free Websites
Doddel Free Websites

We build free! Websites.

We build stunning, mobile-friendly WordPress Websites for African Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Individuals … for free! A simple, yet elegant & professional WordPress Website designed to your specifications. Find out how it works.

What does free! actually mean?

Exactly that, FREE! We design, develop, put together and set up your Website at no charge to you. All we ask in return is that you sign up for our affordable WordPress configured hosting package so we can continue to do what we love to do which is to assist other African Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Individuals by helping them become Visible to the World.

Empowering African Start-Ups become Visible.

was born out of our desire & passion to assist other African Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Individuals to become Visible through a beautiful, elegant and feature-packed Website without costing them a cent.

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Doddel Free Websites

Websites We Build

Super fast, mobile optimised & SEO ready!

Mobile Optimised

Since over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile, we ensure your site is fully optimised for mobile devices.

SEO Ready

All Websites are SEO enabled to ensure your site is ranked on Google.

Advanced Security

All our Websites have the leading security features installed including extra security layers on our servers.

Doddel Free Websites

Stunning Designs

We use some of the very best WordPress themes providing visual & performance impact.

Maximum Load Speed

Through a double layer of caching technology, both on our server & on your Website your site will run at super speeds.

Easily Customisable

You will become a WordPress guru in no time with our easy-to-follow video tutorials.

What You Get?

A professional WordPress Website that’s SEO-ready, optimised for Mobile & super secure!

WordPress Website

The most customisable CMS Website builder around with over 1 in 3 people who have a Website, use WordPress. There are no limits.

SSL Certificate

With an SSL Certificate, your site is automatically secured with a Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate by Sectigo. Your SSL certificate always stays up-to-date.

Daily Backups

Your Website will be backed up on a daily basis so you will always have a copy to restore.

Doddel Free Websites

Google Analytics

Your very own web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports Website traffic.

Unlimited Emails

We don’t put a limit on your email addresses. That would just be unfair! We will setup up to 2 of your primary emails and then you can go crazy & add as many as you want.

Tutorial Videos

You will have access to over 200+ WordPress Tutorial videos constantly updated, covering every possible WordPress related topic.

Kinds of Websites We Build

We design, build and create from a wide selection of industries, sectors and types of WordPress Websites.

Doddel Free Websites
Baby / Kids / Parenting
Doddel Free Websites
Blogs / Magazine
Doddel Free Websites
Creative / Freelancer
Doddel Free Websites
E-Commerce / Shop
Doddel Free Websites
Education / Tutoring
Doddel Free Websites
Entertainment / Media
Doddel Free Websites
Food / Restaurant
Doddel Free Websites
Hospitality / Travel
Doddel Free Websites
Doddel Free Websites
Pets / Animals
Doddel Free Websites
(Accounting, Legal, Medical, etc)
Doddel Free Websites
Property / Real Estate
(Premium Theme)
Doddel Free Websites
Services / Trades
Doddel Free Websites
Sports / Leisure
Doddel Free Websites
General / Other

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We try to review all applications within 2448 hours & if your site conforms to our criteria, we’ll assign one of our Senior Developers & build your Website…for free!

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