About Doddel Media

We are a content-driven Online Media Company with our fingers in a lot of pies. We have combined our Passion for Online Media, Content Creation, Blogging and Podcasting to implement our Vision of becoming the #1 Online Media Co. on the African Continent by 2023 through overall Subscribers, Listeners and Viewers. So, stay tuned and watch Doddel Media grow!

Our Podcasts

Our Podcasts are made with Passion & Love and are driven entirely by ourselves, in-house. This simply means, that all Podcasts are wholly-owned and produced by Doddel Media and distributed through our partner channels. If you or anyone you know has a Podcast and wants to join our dynamic stable of Podcasts, please get in touch with us, even just for a chat!

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The Entrepreneur Podcast
Just Hukking Podcast
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Our Video Channels

A collection of original Content, Interviews, Live Streams and Videos on a variety of Channels. As time goes by, we will be adding more channels and acquiring more content through exclusive collaborations and partnerships within our Media Stable. Enjoy our Channels and as they say in the YouTube world, “don’t forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe

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Our Blogs

Although Podcasts are taking the World by storm, there are those out there that still enjoy a Good Read! Well, that’s where our Blogs come into the picture. At the moment, we have one Blog in our stable, but many more content-driven Blogs are on the horizon. Watch this space!

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